Security at Three Rivers Casino

Three Rivers Casino in Florence Oregon has seen a sharp increase in its security costs. Since the casino is located within city limits and is off the beaten path, it had been easy for the thieves to take advantage of the small time players.

three rivers casino florence oregon security

The rise in security costs for the casino was due to the realization that more security guards were needed to guard the employees. There are three full-time security guards, two on duty and one on standby. Some of the employees could be seen inside the casino and one of the guards is usually in the parking lot when there is no game going on.

It seems like the cost of the security costs had just been increasing until a security company approached the casino and they offered to provide the security guards at half the rate. This makes sense because the casino employs lots of people and now they have to pay a lot of security people to protect them. The casino would be willing to reduce their security costs because they feel they have been unfairly targeted by the thieves. The security company also offers security cameras throughout the casino to watch out for the criminals.

It is not easy to raise security costs to this extent, but the property owners of the casinos decided to do so and also increase the service fees to the customers that patronize the casinos. It appears the businesses did not like to leave their property vulnerable to robbery.

As far as crimes go, there is a lot of crime rate in the area. There are places that are less populated that have a lower crime rate and are a safer place to patronize. A security guard will watch the surrounding areas of the casino to ensure that nobody breaks into the secure areas.

When a security officer gets assigned to a casino in Florence Oregon, it is not mandatory that he should check the security cameras. There may be several reasons for a casino to get a different security guard for each camera than the ones checking the other cameras.

The other security cameras include the closed circuit television cameras and the video cameras. The closed circuit television cameras to capture video from the closed circuit television cameras of the people who walk around the perimeter of the casino area. The video cameras that are connected to the closed circuit television cameras are installed so that the video can be viewed by the casino customers.

There are many security companies available today that can do everything that you want your property to be protected against. It is best to research and get estimates before making any type of deal with any security companies. This will help you save money, not to get ripped off and know that you are getting the services that you are paying for.